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Get paid commission, incentives, and bonuses for your hard work and dedication.
  • Control what you earn
  • Preparation for running your own business
  • No micromanagement
  • No stagnation
  • Effort is rewarded
"I was able to pay for college, travel while in school, learn business communication skills, and develop an entrepreneurship mindset."
Jeffrey Gumbo
Digital Marketer

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"Came from North Carolina to Texas for a summer job during college. 3 years later and I still haven't left Archer, where I have complete financial freedom and time to enjoy my money."
Nicholas Beaman
Dallal TX, Manager
"Over my 4 year tenure in the industry I have seen hundreds of reps grow from unsure college students to mature adults buying their own homes at 22-24 years old. Best part is the culture."
Amer Elkhatib
Austin TX, Manager
"This job changed my life, it gave my 17 year old self financial freedom in just 4 short months. No college or prior sales experience. It has provided me a career for many years to come."
Cole Lundberg
Dallas TX, Manager

Frequently asked questions

Our daily work consists of consulting families with expertise and natural solutions to determine the healthiest and most effective pest control solutions for their homes . The direct to consumer approach that we use ensures that families can compare and choose the best full-service pest management option available.

We offer a competitive four pronged compensation package structured to incentivize individuals to reach their objectives in order to earn a deserved income. This package consists of a base salary, commission, bonuses, and bench mark incentives.

Our leaders work with individuals as soon as they are hired to make a manageable growth plan. This plan identifies career goals, gets specific about targets, allocates resources and defines key performance indicators.

The daily activities offer opportunities to travel locally and in between the markets we currently serve in Texas.

We understand that it takes more than money and titles to stay motivated. Our leaders take the time to get to know teams in order to offer creative incentives. These incentives include things such as outings/adventures, physical prizes, personal and professional development opportunities, trips, and cash. The list is truly endless!

The Best Summer Experience